Botswana travel advice | Botswana travel information

Before ones’ travel to Botswana, a few pointers are necessary to ensure the safety, security and general enjoyment of ones stay in the country. Here are some guidelines to ensure the smoothness of one’s stay in Botswana:

  • Visitors should be aware of the global threat of terrorism and are urged to be more cautious. These threats are common in places mobbed by foreigners.
  • All necessary travel documents should be in tow because Botswana has got a strict immigration policy devoid of loop holes.
  • When entering Botswana mostly when travelling by road, health check points mostly investing foot and mouth disease are in place. So the visitor should be willing to abide by the guides of the health officers.
  • Any form of corruption in form of bribes directed at immigration officers and other nationals are punishable as criminal offences. Botswana has got a zero tolerance approach to corruption.
  • There is a lot of wildlife and livestock loitering on rural Botswana roads, so it important to be more meticulous while driving. Driving at night is not advisable.
  • If the visit is tourist in nature, it is advisable for one to familiarize themselves with engaging 4×4 vehicles.
  • The drive speed when driving on gravel roads should not exceed 80 kph and it is advisable to always be on the look out for pot holes, rocks, heaps of sand and wild animals.
  • When driving in remote areas, it is best to drive on existing tracks or close to shores because the soil is usually wet and muddy especially on pans.
  • While driving in parks, the speed should not exceed 40 kph and a good distance should be kept between the vehicle and animals.
  • Also, do not get out of the vehicle when driving in game reserves and parks.

PS: Always follow the directions and advice of the tour’s guide.