Botswana Safari attractions : Okavango Delta

Botswana has got a rich ancestral heritage whose legacy has continued to flow to present generations earning the landlocked enormously. The country boasts of one of the most booming tourism sectors on the continent. Tourist sites range from the culture to national parks and development structures like dams.

The most prominent tourist sites in Botswana are:


Okavango delta is the world’s largest known inland delta found in the Kalahari desert in Botswana. It flows from Angola through Namibia then rests in Botswana. During the flooding season, the delta expands to about 16.000 square kilometres and shrinks to 9.000 square kilometres in the dry season. The delta is a sanctuary for wildlife and is a popular tourist attraction because it envelopes the Moremi game reserve to the eastern side. The delta is enormously endowed with numerous animal species like: Lechwe kob (most populous with 60.000 recorded),African buffalo, lion, white and black rhino among the existant 200.000 mammals in the delta. There are 400 bird species among which are: The crested crane, Ostrich, the hammerkop and African fish eagle. The best time to visit the delta is between May and October when the animals surround the flooded area; as for birding the most suitable bird viewing period is the rainy season between November and April. Activities at the delta are: Mokora canoe riding, birding and elephant riding at the famous Abu camp.

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