Botswana Real Estate | Botswana Property Development

Botswana is one of the most stable countries with a well defined political system that has seen democracy run since her independence in 1966.This has earned Botswana worldwide applaud and recognition from the World Economic Forum. This stability has ushered in development in the tourism, mining, infrastructure and real estate industries.

Ranked as Africa’s least corrupt country in 2004, Botswana’s government welcomes foreign investors in various areas including real estate. This is manifested in the government’s abolition of foreign exchange controls in 1999 in addition to providing low corporate tax rates and lifting any limitations on foreign ownership of companies. The government actively seeks foreign investment and is happy to sell property to foreigners. However, it should be noted that tribal and state land cannot be sold to foreigners.

Property sales to foreigners have increased over the years especially in the capital Gaborone and other cities like Maun. Initially, most foreigners mostly focused on buying real estate property close to mining sites. Of recent, many have bought real estate properties around tourism areas in form of holiday rentals and lodges.

Attractive prices and a stable economy make Botswana an ideal real estate investment destination. The real estate market has been on an upsurge over the last years in the industrial, residential and commercial market.

It is advisable however to seek legal advice on local laws, taxes, money transfers and currency exchanges and be conversant on laws pertaining to acquisition of property by foreigners before becoming an active participant in the real estate market in Botswana.