Botswana Health Sector

The health sector in Botswana is relatively developed but is seriously dogged by the HIV/AIDS scare. It is estimated that 1 in 6 Batswana are infected with the dreadful disease, this makes Botswana the country with 2nd highest HIV infection rate in the world only second to neighbour Swaziland.

The AIDS epidemic has subsequently reduced the life expectancy in Botswana from 65 years to 35 years and has had a colossal negative effect on the economy as the government has reduced spending on economic development to finance health deficits as a result of mostly HIV/AIDS. This however has seen positive results as Anti Retroviral Drugs (ARV’s)are now available free of charge in addition to the nationwide reduction of mother to child transmission of the disease by 36%.

Another disease that has severely hit the country is cancer in form of breast, eye, mouth, cervix and bone marrow cancer. This led to the formation of the Cancer Association Of Botswana to create awareness of the disease. Health units in Botswana consist: Referral hospitals, District hospitals, Primary hospitals, Clinics and Health posts and Mobile clinics. There are 3 referral hospitals in Botswana namely:

  • Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone complete with Computerized Tomography Scan (CT scan) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
  • Nyangabgwe Hospital in Francis Town also complete with Computerized Tomography Scanning equipment.
  • Lobatse Mental Hospital.

In addition, there are 23 district hospitals, 12 district hospitals, 17 primary hospitals,222 clinics,330 health posts and 740 mobile stops in Botswana. It is important to note that private medical rescue services and private doctor services are very available all through Gaborone and Botswana. Below are vital medical contact addresses in Botswana:

  • Ministry of Health: Private Bag 0038, Gaborone. Tel: +267 352 000 Fax: +267 353 100
  • Botswana Medical Council: Private Bag 0038, Gaborone
  • Botswana Dental Association: Private Bag 00437, Garobone Tel: +267 375 212
  • Fire-                           998.
  • Medical rescue-       911.
  • Ambulance-              997.
  • Police-                        999

Below is a comprehensive guide to hospitals in Botswana:


Gaborone Private Hospital                       Bag BR 130 Gaberone                    +9267 30 1999

Lobatse Athlone Hospital Box 20, Lobatse +9267 330 333
Scottish Livingstone Hospital Box 20, Molepolole +9267 320 333
Mahalapye Hospital Bag 001, Mahalapye +9267 410 333
Sekgoma Memorial Hospital Box 120, Serowa +9267 430 333
Selebi Phikwe Hospital Box 40, Selebi Phikwe +9267 810 333
Maun General Hospital Box 12, Maun +9267 660 444
Thamaga Primary Hospital P/Bag 4, Thamaga +9267 399 250
GoodHope Primary Hospital Box 175, GoodHope +9267 386 236
Tsabong Primary Hospital Box 5, Tsabong
Hukuntsi Primary Hospital Box
Gantsi Primary Hospital Box 7, Gantsi
Gumare Primary Hospital Box 115, Gumare
Rakops Primary Hospital Box 12, Rakops
Letlhakane Primary Hospital Box 51, Letlhakane
Palapye Primary Hospital Box 31, Palapye
Sefhare Primary Hospital Box 23, Sefhare
Bobonong Primary Hospital Box 7, Bobonong
Mmadinare Primary Hospital Box 72, Mmadinare
Kasane Primary Hospital Box 3, Kasane
Tutume Primary Hospital Box 36, Tutume
Bamalete Luthern Hospital Box 6, Ramotswa
Deborah Retief Memorial Hospital Box 24, Mochudi
Seventh Adventist Hospital Box 11, Khanye
Jwaneng Mine Hospital P/Bag 08, Jwaneng
Orapa Mine Hospital P/Bag 01, Orapa
BCL Mine Hospital Box 3, Selebi Phikwe