Botswana Diamond | Diamonds in Botswana – Africa ’s Leading producer

Botswana is the world’s leading producer of quality diamonds and gem stones. In Botswana, diamonds account for about 70% of exports and contributes 30% to the country’s GDP. The diamond industry in Botswana is dominated by a company called Debswana which is a merger of De Beers Investment and the Government of Botswana. Both the government and De Beers Investment have a 50% stake each in the diamond company.

There are 3 diamond mines in Botswana in Lethlhakane, Orapa and Jwaneng. Lethlhakane was founded founded in 1973 with production starting in 1973; it is close to Orapa diamond mine. Another is Jwaneng, this is the largest and richest of all diamond mines in Botswana and one of the largest in the whole world. Production at Jwaneng begun in 1982 and its success has led to plans to install Aquarious technology where rough diamonds will be sorted without human interference.

Orapa diamond mine has also seen substantial increments in diamond production and this has prompted the construction of a mine merging Orapa to Jwaneng. This mine begun production in 2002.There is also a smaller mine at the border of Botswana and South Africa called Martins Drift. All diamonds in Botswana are sorted and valued by Botswana Diamond Valuins  company a branch of Debswana Diamond Company.

In a bid to fight the selling of conflict or blood diamonds in legitimate channels, Botswana signed up as a member of the Kimberley Process which is an association of diamond producing governments and firms in the world.