Botswana : Deception Valley | Khama Rhino Sanctuary | Solomon’s Wall

Botswana Safari destinations


Once a river bed stretching 80 kilometres, Deception valley is mostly covered with short grass and scattered bushy trees. The valley is sanctuary for game that come to enjoy the shade when it is hot most notably the lion. The Deception valley is home to the brown hyena. Activities at the valley include camping at Sunday Pan and piper Pan camping sites.

It should be noted that water and other facilities are scarce and can only be assessed at the entrance gate at Matswere and at the game scout.


Situated on Serowa-Maun road 25 kilometres north of Serowe, the rhino sanctuary was established in 1992 to avert poarching of the almost extinct rhino under the patronage of current president Ian Khama. The rhino sanctuary is sitted on 4.300 hectares of Kalahari sandveld and is popular for guided nature drives and trails accompanied by skilled rangers on a well maintained road network.

Apart from the white and black rhino, brown hyenas, jackals, leopards, antelopes, lynx and the bat-eared fox can be viewed. There is a wide range of bird species with raptors being the most common. The sanctuary is ideal for camping because it has got 12 camping sites within the park.


Located in Tuli, Solomons wall is a basalt dyke that is 30 metres high and 10 metres wide. The wall once formed a natural dam as it lay in Motloutse river creating a natural barrier that prevented the 2 river sides from meeting eventually creating a picturesque waterfall. Although the wall now lies on a sandy river bed, existence of a river lies in the sprawled gem stones lying around the dyke. Gems visible are quartz stones and agate.

It should be noted that to access the wall, a 4×4 is required because the dyke is sorrounded by pools of  water and a sandy river bed; the beach setting of the site makes it ideal for picnics.