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The acronym for people from Botswana is Batswana and so is everything related to the people and country. Music in Botswana is a well appreciated art which is depicted in their mostly vocal music. For their traditional music, the Batswana mainly use drums and heavy strings. Local instruments like the setinkane, segankure are most synonymous with their cultural music. However, in the recent past, the guitar has finely been blended with Tswana music and the end recent has been ear throbbing.

The natives especially the women are reknown skilled craftsmen. Most of their crafts are hand made and most popular are the baskets. These are woven in small and large sizes for domestic and commercial purposes. They come in radiant colours as they are dyed and are made out of local mokola palm.

Pottery is another significant part of Tswana art as the south eastern part of Botswana is most famous for making pots in different designs. Rock paintings believed to be more than 20.000 years depicting hunting escapades drawn by the Bushmen can be found on rocks in the Kalahari desert.

All around the country, galleries with the most versatile forms of art ranging from paintings, sculptures all portraying a rich heritage of the natives together with their creative fantasias are available.