Botswana Communication and Media

Communication in Botswana is a sector that has been on the rise and is steadily fortifying. This is manifested in the wide coverage of the country by mobile, fixed telephone lines and the internet. Also, the completion of the fibre optic telecommunication network that covers most of the major populous cities in Botswana proves this.

There are over 136.900 telephone lines in use in Botswana as of 2006 and over 1.5 million mobile lines. These are managed by the 2 cellular companies Orange and Mascom; the country code for Botswana is +267. Internet users in Botswana are slightly over 80.000 and are managed by the 3 internet service providers.

When it comes to broadcasting, there are 2 television stations one government owned in Botswana television-BTV established in 2000 and the other Gaborone Television privately owned. There are 13 FM radio stations with Radio Botswana state owned broadcasting their programmes in Setswana and English. There are a number of newspapers like The Daily News which is a weekly published in both Setswana and English. However other dailies like: Botswana Guardian, Midweek Sun and Mmengi  all make their publications in English. Foreign publications are available in Botswana without restrictions.

There are post offices in all major towns and cities in Botswana which operate from Monday to Friday between 0815-1245 hours and 1400-1600 hours and Saturday 0800-1100 hours.