Botswana Climate | Climatic , weather conditions in Botswana

Botswana experiences a mostly semi-arid climate. This is because of the short rain season which runs from January to March. However, the relatively high altitude and the country’s sub-continental location give Botswana a sub tropical climate.

Climate in Botswana varies according to the region; for instance, in the north part of Botswana the dry season runs from April to November and in the south the dry season is experienced between April and October. Rainfall totals are also higher in the north of the Botswana while the southern part of Botswana gets cold winds during the winter (May to late August).

During the summer, temperatures are as high as 30 degrees and drop to as low as 14 degrees in the winter. On the contrary, winter is the sunniest period in Botswana and the dry season windy and dusty. Average sunshine temperatures through the year are 26 degrees and average annual rainfall amounts are between 650mm to 250mm.