Birding Safari in Botswana Africa

Birding is one of Botswana’s biggest tourist attraction and treasure. With over 577 bird species of which 500 species are classified as regular. The birds in Botswana are not confined to a particular zone or area with only the short clawed lark as the exception. The various bird species are spread through the existing game reserves and parks in Botswana namely: Moremi game reserve in the Okavango delta, Chobe national park, Kgalagadi Transfrontier park and Makgadikgadi pans. Botswana is home to the endangered wattled crane and the slaty egret bird species which can be found in the north.

The Sowa pan and Makgadikgadi pans are sanctuaries to flamingoes (both the lesser and greater flamingoes) which are known to breed spontaneously but mostly after the rainy season. For example, after the 1999-2000 rainy season, over 200.000 flamingoes converged at the shallow lake in sowa pan to breed.

The best time for bird viewing in Botswana is immediately after the rainy season which is between November and  April because they are the wettest and hottest months. In the rainy season, it is possible to view up to 200 bird species while up to 100 species can be viewed in the dry season.

The are over 500 bird species existant in Botswana among which are: Ant-eating chat, Barred owl, Bateleur, Arrow-marked babbler, Bradfield’s hornbill, Three streaked and Black Crowned Tchagras, Kori bustard, Support Ostrich, Sabota, Caspian plover, Kori bustard, Greater kestrel, Grey backed finchlark.